Free NPS Surveying. Forever?

Frankly, NPS surveys just aren't that complicated.

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The price of NPS survey software is flat out shocking. The base plan on many services is over $100/month.

All services charge based on only SENDING the survey. If nobody takes it? You still pay.

We thought there had to be a better way.

As we dug into the problem, we realized two things.

1) Most of the cost in running an NPS service is sending emails.

2) There’s practically no cost to the rest of it!

You see, unlike many other business problem domains, storing these surveys just doesn’t cost that much money. It’s one row in one database table, which these days costs almost nothing.

Sending email does cost real money, but here’s the thing. Don’t you already have a way to email your customers?

We do. In fact, we have a bunch. Email marketing software, CRM software, drip services, Zapier, transactional email systems. Heck, we’ve got at least five ways we can send an email to all our customers in 5 minutes flat.

Then it struck us. Why don’t we just build Thermostat to administer the surveys and leave the emailing to the systems you already have? So that’s what we’ve done.

We handle administering the surveys and reporting on them. You send the surveys yourself. That’s how Thermostat stays free forever.