Paying customers aren't always happy customers

Thermostat one question surveys show you exactly where your business is headed. Free forever.

Access to Thermostat is by invite. Current wait time ~24hrs.

*all colors are customizable

One Question.

There's no need to bother your customers with long surveys. Thermostat's Net Promoter Score surveys (NPS) are just one question and an optional feedback box.

Over the last decade the NPS survey format has become the gold standard for identifying trends in your customer's experience.

One Number To Track.

Your surveys create a single NPS score. One number for you to track. One number that anyone in your organization can understand and utilize.

NPS: 70 on the -100 to 100 scale
Promotors: 439 who scored 9 or 10
Passives: 115 who scored 7 or 8
Detractors: 30 who scored 0-6

Quickly Spot Trends

If your NPS score is going up you're improving. If it's going down you're regressing.



We provide the HTML to directly embed our survey into the email system of your choice.

Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Drip, ConvertKit, and more.


Embed the survey into your website or SaaS app with full control over branding and popup frequency.

Did you try ours yet?


A good old HTML link you can use anywhere. Pop a survey onto Twitter, link to it from an email, infinitely flexible.

Here's a link to our sample survey.

Gather Feedback

After customer select a score they're asked why they chose that score. Thermostat makes it easy to read and reply to feedback.

Even favorite important feedback you want to access quickly in the future.

Sharing (optional)

Make your survey results public and they'll nicely embed into Slack, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

There's even an NPS shield (below), perfect for your open source projects.

Make It Your Own

Full theming support lets you match your survey page to your brands style.

Even use your own logo and background image.

Go completely custom with our API

Integrate deeply with your application via our API. Thermostat user Moji Match uses the API to integrate directly into their iOS game.

Free Forever

We believe the benefits of NPS shouldn't be limited to those who can pay for expensive NPS survey solutions. In the future we'll have paid plans with advanced features, but the standard service will be free and unlimited forever.

"We use NPS every day to make sure we're WOWing
our customers and our employees"
— Tony Hsieh, Zappos Founder

Access to Thermostat is by invite. Current wait time ~24hrs.