Custom Fields

Custom fields in Thermostat allow you to insert extra information on the customer you are surveying. This information can then be reported on and viewed in the Thermostat dashboard.

Creating Custom Fields

Custom fields are unique to each survey in your Thermostat account.

You can create the following custom field types:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date
  • Predefined List

Created at:
Survey > Fields when editing/viewing a survey. Select add field and then select your field type and name.

Using Custom Fields In Email Campaigns

To use custom fields in your email campaigns, the custom field values must be imported along with your email list.

You can import into your email list in the following ways:

  1. Bulk-import your email list using a CSV file
  2. Use the email API end-point
  3. Users who fill-out a survey that includes their email address as a parameter will be added to a survey email list

Bulk import emails:
Survey > Email List click on the Download the CSV file link to download a template for use when importing your email list. The CSV file will contain fields for each of your defined custom fields and you can integrate that data into your CSV import.
After you have built your list in a CSV file, drag and drop the saved file to the upload area on the same screen.

Using Custom Fields In Links

Custom fields can be used in plain survey links as well. Each custom field is passed as a URL parameter. The links area in HelpSpot will provide you with the parameter names.

Example:[email protected]&paid_customer=yes&company=userscape

Using Custom Fields In Embedded Surveys

Custom fields can also be included in embedded surveys under the fields parameter. Detailed documentation is available in the Embed documentation

Using Custom Fields in the API

Custom fields can also be used in the API when adding new emails or performing an instant send. Detailed documentation is available in the API methods documentation

Custom Field Slugs

Custom fields are most often referred to by their "slug", a URL-friendly version of the custom field's name. Thermostat uses underscores instead of dashes for custom field slugs. For example:

  1. Field Paid Customer has slug paid_customer.
  2. Field Team-Membership has slug team_membership.